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Strategy to Action (S2A) | Strategy Advisory

Brad Brezinski, owner and founder of S2A, engaged with j.l.c. designs to create the initial branding for the launch of his start up, a strategic consulting firm based in Cincinnati, OH. Brad was looking for a logo, web design, branding and marketing that aligned with his vision for S2A and remained rooted in clean design. The project began with a discovery exercise to establish the site information architecture (IA) and user experience (UI/UX) maps. The main goal was to drive visitor workflows so that the essence of the S2A story was accessible, while at the same time funneling users to the shopping experience. These inputs drove the elemental site design and content creation phases. The result was a fully responsive eCommerce site built in the Wordpress CMS with custom admin management features so that the S2A team could manage their site on a daily basis. The brand launched with it’s signature “S-arrow” logo and business name “Strategy to Action” as the stamp for conveying S2A’s mission for providing direction, strategy execution and purposeful action - reinforced by the tagline “Think. Learn. Adapt”.