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  • WMAG Blog News

    Blog Newscast | The Today Show & NBC Nightly News | 2011

    Susan Wenner Jackson's "WMAG" (Working Moms Against Guilt) blog designed by j.l.c. was featured by both The Today Show and NBC Nighly News during 2011 newscasts. Both highlighted the career opportunities for mothers with children in the blogging industry. WMAG was a highlighted success story for a blog that generates traffic, drives new followers, and leverages popular social media as growth opportunities.

  • Top Design Firms Cincinnati

    Top Design Firm | Cincinnati, OH | Since 2010

    j.l.c. has proudly been ranked as a top design firm in Cincinnati, OH since 2010. You can find our listing in the Cincinnati directory on Top Design Firms. We look forward to continue serving small businesses in our area and around the globe for years to come.

  • MBK FOX19 News

    TV Logo | FOX19 Morning XTRA | Since Oct 32rd, 2010

    Mary Beth Knight, j.l.c. designs client and lifestyle expert, uses the logo designed for her by j.l.c. during health sessions on the FOX19 Morning XTRA as a graphic for text clips and on-screen updates. View it in action on the j.l.c. YouTube channel.

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  • 5B Blog Conference 2013

    5B Conference | Cincinnati, OH | Feb 16th, 2013

    "j.l.c. was invited to speak for the second year in a row at the Cincinnati 2013 5B Blogging Conference. Our presentation, "Designing A Story With Social Media," focused on the importance of stories in 2013, ensuring powerful social media campaigns and marketing efforts. We provided tools and tips for creating meaninful connections with clients using story theory, how to stay ahead of your competition, and how to create sharable content that projects core values. A great story begs to be shared, while a poor story offers to be forgotten."

  • 5B Blog Conference 2012

    5B Conference | Cincinnati, OH | Feb 11th, 2012

    We were greatfully invited to speak at the 2012 5B Blogging Conference in Cincinnati, OH to highlight the importance of custom blog design and branding as core features for success in the blogging industry. Our presentation, "Your Blog 2.0: Is it time for a re-design?" taught our audience tools for recognizing a good design, how to know when to update their current design, and how design choices can affect their succes in terms of viewer type, number of followers, and the amount of people they are able to reach. Even more important, we discussed how to find a good designer, developer, and business leader that knows what they are talking about and providing your credible advice and quality materials.

  • 1st Annual Drupal Camp Ohio | Columbus, OH | Dec 3rd, 2011

    Our first Drupal Camp was an exciting adventure. While still in the bounds of our Ohio roots, we met so many new and passionate people in the world of web with whom we shared ideas and tips. We also attended as a speaker, presenting on how to build customized tools for clients through value-add processes such as engagement, discovery, and of course developing and delivering a usable product. We discussed the entire project life cycle from documentation to management and resources. Thank you to everyone who voted for us, attended our presentation, and gave great reviews on our topic!