Graphic Designs &
Marketing Concepts


Anna has an undying curiosity for how things work, and will never back down from a new challenge. Lucky for us, her unique approach to standard design practice has made her an aesthetic asset to j.l.c.

Starting at Ohio University’s Fine Arts Program, she is currently enrolled in the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) concentrating in graphic design. Anna’s experience includes art gallery work, being a member of the in-house design team for Messer Construction, working as a creative co-op at LPK, and all of her exceptional work here at j.l.c.

Anna’s love of organized and simplified designs is unrivaled. She insists on delivering high-quality products with no less than perfection.



Anna blatantly stands out from others in her line of work; most importantly she’s able to adapt to any project style or requirement while continuously proposing new ideas and creative thoughts.

Jenna Reardon